• 1989

    The beginning of history

    History of CJSC Aeromar began in 1989. Back then, nobody could guess the future of the new company: was it destined to perish in competition or become a prosperous company, recognized not only at home but far beyond the Russian borders?

    CJSC Aeromar was the second Soviet-American joint venture after McDonalds on the territory of the...

  • 1990

    Expanding of our customers base

    The first foreign customer of Aeromar was British Airways. In October 1990, the airline began ordering a full range of onboard meal services, since already at that time the quality of the food provided by CJSC Aeromar to business class and economy class passengers met all international requirements and standards. The trust of the companys first...

  • 1996

    New partnership

    In 1996, LSG Sky Chefs Company replaced Marriott In-flight Services as the partner company, a joint venture between Lufthansa Service Holding and Onex Food Service, a Canadian company. This company was a world leader of catering services, which allowed Aeromar staff to use state-of-the-art advances in the field in their work.

  • 2003

    Improving the menu

    In 2003, Aeromar along with Aeroflot developed and implemented Performa, a restaurant class meal service for business class passengers. Through this program, Aeroflot became one of the top five airlines in Europe. Implementation of the Performa program helped Aeromar and Aeroflot to alter dramatically the perception of passengers using the...

  • 2009

    Expansion of the functions

    In April 2009, Aeroflot initiated the transfer of management of onboard services to Aeromar. Since July 2009, the company has been providing cleaning, packaging and delivery of service and comfort items aboard the...