Company's basic working conditions and policies

Health Insurance

In accordance with the Labour Code of the Russian Federation and other federal laws (FL 255 "On Mandatory Social Insurance Against Temporary Disability and Maternity" dated 29.12.2006; FL 125 "On Mandatory Social Insurance Against Industrial Accidents and Occupational Diseases" dated 24.07.1998; FL 326 "On Mandatory Health Insurance in the Russian Federation" dated 29.11.2010; FL 167 "On Mandatory Pension Insurance in the Russian Federation" dated 15.12.2001; FL 165 "On the Foundations of Mandatory Social Insurance" dated 16.07.1999) the company provides all employees with mandatory social insurance as well as with voluntary health insurance in conformance with the collective agreement.

The 24/7 medical center is located on the company's premises.

Free Benefits

The company supplies all employees with free uniforms and provides free meals twice a day in the corporate canteen.


Each employee is granted 30 calendar days of paid vacation and other supplementary holidays in accordance with the labour legislation. Employees that require a special medical treatment are entitled to a spa resort retreat. The company also organizes annual summer holidays for the children of the employees.

The company partially compensates employees for the incurred travelling costs, whilst on a holiday.

Social Help

The company pays for 80% of the kindergarten fees.

Employees receive financial support on occasions like marriage, birth of a child and so forth.


Corporate transport is available for all employees from Lobnya and Krasnaya Polyana.

Night Shifts

All employees are entitled to an additional 25% of the regular hourly rate for night work.


In conformance with the collective agreement all employees are entitled to the following remuneration:

Health and Safety Regulations

The enactment of the Federal Laws 426 and 421 "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation" and "On Special Inspection of Working Conditions" dated 28.12.2013 led to the amendments to Article 212 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation. In light of this, JSC "Aeromar" had adopted an inspection model that identifies harmful and/or hazardous production factors and their impact on workers, which also incorporates the variances between the actual and the set hygienic standards in the working conditions and sets necessary procedures for individual and collective protective measures. Following the inspection, categories and subcategories of the acceptable working conditions are established in the workplace.

Summary of the results of the special assessment of working conditions ↓(RU, File MS Word, 33 Kb)

A list of recommended actions to improve working conditions ↓(RU, File MS Word, 33,5 Kb)

The results of the inspection of the working conditions can benefit in the following areas: