JSC "Aeromar" 25 year

Reportage "Air Food"
on TV "Moscow 24"

Special Reportage "SKY Kitchen"
on TV "Moscow 24"

Broadcast "Celebrity Food"

"The most unusual restaurant in the world!"

"Good memories begin with sensations"

Stars on the tasting summer menu "Aeroflot"

"The restaurant at an altitude of 10,000 meters!"

"How not to be tempted?"

A new summer aboard menu testing for "Aeroflot" passengers

"The most unusual restaurant!"

"How to satisfy your hunger on the sky?"

New business menu for "Aeroflot"


pdficon_small.pngAmber Sky Ambition, april 2015(File format PDF, 9.9 Mb)

pdficon_small.pngLunch on the sky(File format PDF, 880 Kb)

pdficon_small.pngRestaurant above the clouds(File format PDF, 3.9 Mb)

pdficon_small.pngHigh Teamwork(File format PDF, 266 b)

pdficon_small.pngWithout engineered cereal does not cook(File format PDF, 192 b)

pdficon_small.pngService Production Control and Law Department JSC "Aeromar"(File format PDF, 144 b)

pdficon_small.pngCatering begins with planning(File format PDF, 176 b)

pdficon_small.pngCatering in heaven and on earth(File format PDF, 272 b)

pdficon_small.pngTo do ourself job and not be distracted by unnecessary(File format PDF, 184 b)

pdficon_small.pngTime and in the correct configuration(File format PDF, 180 b)

pdficon_small.pngTableware on the sky(File format PDF, 180 b)