Business class passengers expect high-level service throughout the whole trip, and CJSC Aeromar pays special attention to business class menu. Special perception of taste due to thechange inair pressure inside aplane makes in-flight meals different from those served in restaurants. To improve taste of ‘high-flying’ food, various spices and sauces are used. Ingredients include those destined for haute cuisine.
Such menu features marbled beef, black cod, Australian lamb and many other ingredients used by chefsto create culinarymasterpieces.
Traditionally, the position of a chef at CJSC Aeromar is occupied by professionals from the largest international catering network LSG Sky Chefs. Since recently, haute cuisine chefs from across the world have been engaged in developing dishes. To celebrate the 90th anniversary of Civil Aviation, Aeromar is actively promoting cooperation with Michelin-starred chefs.
Thanks to this work, business class menu has been recently enriched with numerous successful experiments. Biscuits with Parmesan and turmeric prepared according to recipe of Pierre Gagnaire, three Michelin-starredchef,offering taste for genuine gourmets and connoisseurs of fine dishes, or a classic combination of taste and traditions – Bouche of Norwegian salmon with thick pancakes a la homemade from Michelin-starred chef Alain Llorca, or a dish with a Mediterranean accent Octopus with Pesto sauce and potatoes from William Lamberti.
Menu of hot dishes includes traditional beef steak with Shiitake mushrooms from Björn Frantzén, two Michelin-starredchef,confit duck leg with Italian Fregula pasta and berry sauce from Giacomo Lombardi or pickled guinea fowl Shimizu with vegetables and green sauce from Pierre Gagnaire.
During several recent years, CJSC Aeromar has been cooperating with Alexander Seleznevs confectionery and chef Kamel Benmamar, who has experience of work in famous Michelin-starredrestaurants and now work as a chef in Bolshoi and Vanilla restaurants ofArkady NovikovsGroup.