An onboard food – area rather conservative. According to the international norms of keyteringovy business excessive innovations, "non-standard" approaches are unacceptable. A food has to conform to the standard requirements. And, despite these restrictions, cook "Aeromar" provide a wide choice of a various food for the passengers.
Individual approach to the client the basic principle of work of specialists of JSC Aeromar. So, for each airline special diets, and for some airlines according to the presented compoundings and specifications, taking into account requirements to laying prepare. Are given a master class with participation of chefs of foreign airlines.
To development of the range of dishes of JSC Aeromar has experience of involvement of chefs of a world class, owners of stars of Michelin, such as Pierre Garnyer, Bjorn Franttsen, Allen Llorke.
At the request of the client of JSC Aeromar updates the menu. "Aeroflot" holds presentations each three months for passengers of a business class and each half a year for passengers of economy class. Considering wishes of the airlines, the special department develops the menu and design of dishes. On presentations representatives of airline select samples, taste a food and coordinate structure of diets. The separate menu is formed for passengers of the first, business and economic classes. The special attention is paid to the menu offered crew members.
Specialists of the enterprise watch all novelties in the industry of catering and services. In shops of cold and hot meals the constant temperature mode necessary for laying of an onboard food that conforms to requirements of new international rules XACCP, the Russian requirements of sanitation and hygiene is supported, and allows to keep freshness of production more long.
In limited flight conditions to all passengers and crew, considering their tastes, religious, age and other criteria, it is important to provide a quality food. "Aeromar" offers tens of various cold and hot dishes, among which more than 15 types of dishes of a special food. Among them, a vegetarian, kosher, Muslim, baby, diabetic food, dishes with the low content of salt, a dish with the high content of cellulose. Are considered as well national features of passengers, dishes of the European, Russian, Georgian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean cuisine are presented.
For "Aeromar's" cooks there are no problems with food preparation according to recipes of national kitchens. On flights to India beef doesn't prepare, and as seasoning the curry is used. For passengers of flights to the Middle East pork is excluded. And always with any surprise. Krishnaites consume only water, green apples and nuts. Strict vegetarians use only "vershoks" carrots and potato to them you won't serve. The special attention is paid to development and drawing up the menu of baby food. "Aeromar" always tries to please and anticipate needs of clients. Tasty surprises are prepared for many holidays. For example, for New year irrespective of a service class champagne, chocolate and Christmas gifts are offered passengers. All food before sending aboard the aircraft takes place a cycle of full check by security service. Quality and a variety of an onboard food a subject of special care of leading airlines and a significant factor of formation of their reputation. Today production of JSC Aeromar provides many airlines, performing flights from the Sheremetyevo airport, among which largest Russian carrier - JSC Aeroflot-Russian Airlines, and also foreign air carriers, such as Delta Air Lines, Korean Air, Air France, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Air China and others