In accordance with the existing practices and guidelines of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), a special menu has been developed for passengers with particular dietary requirements due to health or religious reasons. To receive a special meal, corresponding to business or economy class of service, it is necessary to make an appropriate request when purchasing or booking an airline ticket.

Exclusively on flights of OJSC Aeroflot–Russian Airlines departing from Moscow, passengers can order special lent-diet meals.

Types of special meals:

Religious menu

• HNML Hindu meal. The meals do not contain beef, veal, pork and may contain lamb, poultry, fish and milk. This is spicy and hot-flavoured food. Non-vegetarian.

KSML - Kosher meal. Food is prepared with observation of Kosher cooking rules. On packaging, there are marks and signs of conformity to Kashrut.

MOML - Moslem meal. Food without the use of pork, gelatine or alcohol.

VJML - Lent-diet meal. It includes vegetables, fruits, nuts, porridges and mushrooms and does not contain meat, fish and dairy products.

Meals for children

BBML - Food for infants under two years of age. Usually, heated cans of locally produced infant food.

CHML Meal for children from 2-3 up to 10-12 years of age. Mild food in a fascinating form (cheese cubes, vegetables, fruits, often potatoes and poultry), sometimes with toys.

Special meals for allergy-prone individuals

GFML - Gluten intolerant meal. It excludes wheat, rye, barley, oat and dairy products, i.e. food free of plant protein.

NFML Meal without fish or fishery products.

NLML - Low lactose (lactose free) meal. It excludes milk and dairy products yoghurt, cheese, butter, ice cream, water ice and etc.

PFML - Peanut free meal. Without peanuts, peanut butter or associated products.

Dietary and therapeutic nutrition

BLML - Bland meal. It is destined for those who suffer from stomach and digestive system diseases. It includes fresh fruits and boiled vegetables. It does not contain baked and fried food, garlic, onion or spices.

DBML - Diabetic meal. It excludes fried products, products with high content of fructose, sugar and fat products.

HFML - High fibre meal. This menu includes products made of whole flour, fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts. It does not contain starch.

LCML Low calorie meal. Energy value is approximately 1,200 calories, without fried products, with lean meat, low fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables.

LFML - Low fat meal. It excludes fried products, egg yolk, giblets, shrimps, crabs, lobsters and caviar. It includes lean meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, vegetable oil and low fat dairy products.

LPML - Low protein meal.

LSML - Low salt (low natrium) meal. Food is prepared without salt; products with high salt content are excluded.

NSML No-salt dietary meal.

PRML - Low purin meal.

Vegetarian meals

AVML Asian/Hindu vegetarian meal. Food without meat or fish and with limited use of dairy products.

INVG Indian-style meal with curry and dairy products.

RVML Uncooked products: raw vegetables and fruits.

VGML Strict vegetarian (vegan) meal. In excludes any ingredients of animal origin.

VLML Vegetarian meal with the use of milk and eggs.

Other types of meals

FPML Fruit plate meal. Fresh and pickled fruits sometimes with bakery.

JPML Japanese meal.

ORML Oriental meal. The main course is a hot-flavoured dish in the Oriental style (made of meat, domestic fowl or fish).