Each passenger wants to fly with comfort. In order to satisfy customer’s needs CJSC Aeromar created the Comfort Item Batching and Aircraft Outfitting Unit. Along with a comfort item batching station, an outfitting station, and a service facility station, the unit includes a DG-player batching station, an on-board first aid kit batching station, a newspaper and printed material batching station, a warehouse and a laundry. During a day, the unit services about 230 flights, batches DG-players for business class passengers, on-board first aid kits, amenity kits, passenger servicing facilities (linen napkins, tabletops, oshibori towels for business class passengers, refreshing napkins for economy class passengers), outfit materials for lavatories, cockpit, passenger cabin, travelling rugs and pillows. The unit dekits possessions delivered from aircraft after a flight. The warehouse accepts approximately 150 types of products. Besides, on a monthly basis, the warehouse receives and batches Aeroflot in-flight magazines with an attachment thereto, Kinogid booklet.

Aeromars laundry carries out sanitary treatment of nearly 2,000 tons of clothes. Travelling rugs, seat headrests, bedclothes and etc. for different servicing classes are processed here.