An essential role in the company’s operational activity belongs to the Delivery Service, whose employees interact not only with the companys subdivisions, but also with all operational units of airline companies. This is one of CJSC Aeromars largest divisions. The Delivery Service is divided into delivery of in-flight meal, comfort items, outfits and servicing facilities; it employs forwarders, drivers and cargo handlers. Forwarders are responsible for timely and high quality check of batched in-flight meals, beverages, catering equipment and other possessions, which are handed over to crew members of Russian and foreign airline companies. Forwarders who service international airline companies must speak foreign languages, usually English. Drivers and cargo handlers of the Delivery Service are highly qualified professionals who fulfil requirements concerning road safety and vehicle use, and also ensure safety of entrusted equipment, beverages and foodstuffs and seek to improve their occupational skills. The Delivery Services Planning Group is in charge of operational planning and management of drivers and cargo handlers during a shift.