The Production Operational Management Department (POMD) coordinates work of all production services of CJSC Aeromar. This is operational management of works on planning and timely preparation of high quality in-flight meals, their delivery and loading on-board aircrafts of airline companies. Along with that, in August 2009, OJSC Aeroflot transferred to us functions related to aircraft outfitting and cleaning, as well as their batching and delivery of comfort items on-board airplanes. Requirements to organizing in-flight meal preparation are very strict. It is necessary to prepare a certain number of meals by precisely defined time, in accordance with the existing menu, to batch them and deliver to a given flight at specified time and also not to forget about other numerous work details. Passenger load often changes shortly before departure, sometimes a type of aircraft also changes and it makes it necessary to promptly deliver additional meals. The POMD’s professionals are always aware of the latest events and alterations in flight servicing.