The Service’s workers are in charge of probably less evident but still a very important obligation: to clean and outfit aircrafts and prepare them to flights. In May 2009, Aeroflot made a decision to transfer the aircraft cleaning and outfitting functions to CJSC Aeromar. One of critical factors of flights and airlines assessment by passengers is the level of service and cleanliness on-board. In this respect, aircraft cleaning plays an important role, and these services have to be performed promptly and skilfully in accordance with a technological schedule of aircraft servicing on apron, without disturbance to regular departure. Each flight has a slot for departure, and any delay immediately entails disturbance to the working rhythm of a whole airport. CJSC Aeromar cleans aircrafts of both Russian and foreign airline companies. Customers thoroughly control cleaning quality as passengers feedback on flight depends on how carefully it was made. When crew members go aboard, aircraft is fully ready to flight: it is cleaned and outfitted.