Specialists of the Centre determine and calculate work of all facilities directly involved in the process of in-flight meal preparation. This is a rather difficult task, since it is necessary to ensure occupation of a large number of units’ and departments employees on a daily basis. Well-coordinated and efficient interaction between the companys subdivisions is achieved through shift targets fulfilled by each participant in the production process. The Planning Centre gathers people who are able to process large information volumes, work with computer programmes and promptly engage in solving operational tasks. It is not easy to work in the Planning Centre even if everything runs smoothly to an established plan. It may happen that flights of airline companies are postponed because of non-flying weather, and several such postpones, delays and cancellations may occur simultaneously. Then urgent measures are undertaken to collect relevant information and introduce corrections; under a difficult situation, a more significant large-scale rescheduling may be required. In such cases people have to forget about normal routines, working day boundaries and everything else except for CJSC Aeromar, which needs to work accurately and efficiently. Planning is undoubtedly a brain centre of the company.