One of the most important events for the company was OJSC Aeroflot’s decision to transfer all on-board service management functions to CJSC Aeromar, which until that time had been exercised by the airline companys division – on-board service complex. It became evident that only Aeromar with its service organization experience would be able to enhance quality of on-board services rendered to passengers. To implement the set tasks, an on-board service division was created, which was subsequently renamed into the On-board Service Department. The department is responsible for the policy of on-board service organization, development of in-flight menu for airline companies, promotion of Aeromars services on the air traffic market and search for new customers. The departments area of responsibility covers development of menus and in-flight meals, management of catering equipment turnover, foodstuff quality control, analysis of passengers complaints and remarks. Another important aspect of the departments activity is work with out-of-base caterings located in other cities and abroad. This relates to long-lasting flights of Aeroflot Airlines, for which it is necessary to load freshly cooked in-flight meals for a return direction. In such cases, the Service Department organizes tenders among out-of-base catering providers. The main selection criterion is quality food for reasonable price.