CJSC Aeromar’s production base includes three large facilities which operate uninterruptedly and are ready to fulfil any orders of the companys customers. The production is supplied with advanced multi-purpose equipment, cooling and deep freezing chambers, which enables us to provide airline companies with meals not only on direct flights but also on return flights under condition that time of return to a base airport does not exceed that established by regulations. Implemented technology minimized losses at every production stage, which positively affected labour intensity, number of involved personnel and quality of end products. Number of meals increases from year to year, the diversity of food is very wide – from fresh vegetable salad to sophistically cooked meat. Every dish is made by highly skilled professionals.

Hot Meal Unit plays a key role in providing aircraft passengers with main courses. The unit includes three workstations: a kitchen, a batching station and a meet station. The meat station makes semi-finished meat, poultry and fish products. All meat products are cut into portions at this station, works are carried out by highly skilled cooks of the fifth and sixth categories. After heat processing all products are subject to quick cooling down to +5 °C in a quick cooling refrigerator. Prepared and cut products are placed on special trays and are kept in refrigerating cabinets. Further, food is delivered to the batching station, where it is put into on-board dishware. At the kitchen, food is prepared for flights of airline companies with whom we have contract relations and who depart from Sheremetyevo Airport.

Cold Meal Unit was created within CJSC Aeromar in the result of a merger of a cold snack preparation unit and a food batching unit, which had been separate divisions at the time when the Soviet-USA joint venture commenced its activity. The accumulated experience showed that the Cold Meal Unit enabled us to merge two technologies those of food preparation and batching. Portioning and batching of cold dishes, snacks and salads are performed at special premises, where necessary temperature conditions are constantly maintained in accordance with the System requirements. Technological processes are arranged in the unit in such a way so as to avoid counter currents or contacts between raw foodstuffs and readymade products.

Destination of the Confectionery Unit is to produce baked and confectionery products. CJSC Aeromars confectionery products are of high demand. Our confectioners continuously enhance their professional skills as the range of confectionery products constantly changes and expands. A confectionery product is not only a table delicacy but also a work of art. That is why the companys professionals have their artistic taste and creative approach. The unit produces a great variety of confectioneries. These are biscuit, short, flaky, custard and nut pastries, sweet baked products and breadstuffs. Attractive appearance and fine taste are the most important indicators of quality of these products. During the recent years, Kamel Benmamar, a chef in Bolshoi and Vanilla restaurants ofArkady NovikovsGroup, has made a significant contribution to the base of recipes.